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Pumpkin Carving Made Easy

Carving pumpkins is a fun and creative activity that any child can enjoy during the fall season or the spooky days leading up to Halloween. Dr. Kapadia shares his secret tip that will make preparing your pumpkin easier, faster, and cleaner!

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Pumpkin Carving Made Easy

As a child or parent, most of us have carved a Halloween pumpkin at least once during our lifetime. Pumpkin carving (or painting for younger children) can be a creative and fun activity to share with your children throughout the fall season and during the spooky days leading up to Halloween. Encourage your children to come up with fun designs to carve or paint their pumpkins and always help them by using safe carving tools and electric candles to light up their designs!

Traditional Way To Carve

The traditional way to carve a Halloween pumpkin begins at the top. A cut is made around the top of the pumpkin, the top is then removed from the base, and the pumpkin’s guts are scooped out. Once clean, the leftover pumpkin stem and top piece can be used for a “lid” for your new jack-o-lantern. But is this the smartest way? Dr. Kapadia of Quakerbridge Pediatrics suggests starting from the bottom to prep your pumpkin.

Start From The Bottom

Instead of cleaning out your pumpkin from the top, begin at the bottom. To prep your pumpkin for carving, simply cut a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin and remove that piece for good. When you remove the bottom portion, most of the pumpkin’s guts will be removed with it. This makes the task of cleaning out your pumpkin easier, faster, and cleaner.

When it’s time to light up and display your pumpkin you can simply place a candle or electric light on a stable surface and position the carved pumpkin over top of it. This will reduce the risk of burning yourself when trying to drop or light a candle inside of your pumpkin and will also help keep the pumpkin fresh. When you light your pumpkin with a candle or light the heat generated will cause the pumpkin to wilt naturally over time. This often results in your pumpkin shrinking, its lid not fitting properly, and can lead to the pumpkin to cave in on itself. If you carve your pumpkin using the bottom method, the top will remain intact as a single piece and the life of your jack-o-lantern should be prolonged.

Show Us Your Halloween Pumpkins

Dr. Kapadia would love to see your child’s pumpkins! Post a photograph of your child with their pumpkin on Instagram with the hashtag #QBPediatrics or share your photo on the Quakerbridge Pediatrics Facebook Page. Any posts will automatically be featured on our Social Sharing Wall!

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