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Mistakes Parents Make During Pediatrician Visits

Dr. Kapadia discusses the four most common mistakes parents make during pediatrician visits and what steps they can take to improve the overall visit experience.

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Mistakes Parents Make During Pediatrician Visits

Dr. Kapadia and the entire staff of Quakerbridge Pediatrics are always ready and willing to assist your family with expert pediatric care. Throughout the years we have met many different patients with many different types of medical concerns, health issues, and developmental questions. During these office appointments, Dr. Kapadia sometimes encounters parents who make treatment more difficult than it should be. Most of the time parents may not even be aware they are doing something that could detract from their office visit. Here is a list of the top 4 most common mistakes parents make during pediatrician visits. Use this resource as a way to improve your experience!

Parents Come Unprepared

Life can be hectic. Life with a sick young child can be even worse! As a parent of three daughters, Dr. Kapadia understands that parents may not always have as much time as they would like to prepare before their office visit. He also stresses the importance of not underestimating the value of bringing a list of discussion topics to your next appointment. There is nothing worse than leaving our office after a visit and remembering something you wished you asked! Dr. Kapadia suggests keeping a small list on your mobile phone. This ensures the list will always be with you and you can add new items to it very easily. On your list, include questions you wish to discuss with your pediatrician and notes about any symptoms and medications related to your child’s illness. If another family member is bringing your child to our office you can also send the list to them at the touch of a button.

Parents Are Not Honest

We encourage all parents as to be as honest as possible during an office visit. As a parent, Dr. Kapadia understands how you may feel embarrassed or not want to admit certain details about your child’s recent behaviors or even about your own parenting style. However, Dr. Kapadia will never judge you, your parenting methods, or your children. He is only dedicated to assisting your family and whatever advantage you can provide to him will help him make the most accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment plan for your son or daughter. No matter what the situation, remember that Dr. Kapadia has probably seen something worse, so there is no need to feel embarrassed.

Parents Don’t Speak Up

Pediatricians are people too, and like all people they sometimes make honest mistakes. If you feel that Dr. Kapadia has missed an opportunity to ask an important question, was confusing when explaining a diagnosis, or has made you upset in any way, he wants to know! It is important for parents to speak up when in the examination room. Ask as many questions as you can, and remember that the conversation you have with your pediatrician is the reason you made an appointment in the first place. If you leave the Quakerbridge Pediatrics office feeling confused or believing your problem has not been resolved, then there is a larger issue. Miscommunication may happen, but we can never address it unless we know about it. Dr. Kapadia welcomes constructive criticism and wants you to feel as comfortable as possible during your office visit. So remember to always speak up for it is in the best interest of your children!

Parents Do Not Work With Their Pediatrician

It is extremely important for all parents to understand that Dr. Kapadia is on your team! While Dr. Kapadia and his staff at Quakerbridge Pediatrics are medical professionals, they will never be able to understand you child as well as you do. In the examination room, parents are the real experts when it comes to their children’s everyday behaviors and actions. In order to provide the best care for your child, Dr. Kapadia must build a personal relationship with them and he could never do this without your cooperation. By taking an active role as a parent during your office visit, helping your child feel comfortable with the doctor, encouraging communication between patient and pediatrician, and providing parenting insights, you are providing incredible value that will help your child be happy and healthy.

Admit Your Mistakes

Everyone has faults, but not everyone can learn from them. If you think you’ve made a mistake during your last appointment, we want to know. Leave a comment below and Dr. Kapadia will help you explore better ways to improve your examination room presence! We will also use your feedback to be more cognoscente to other patients’ needs and better the experiences of everyone who visits Quakerbridge Pediatrics.

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